Still looking for: MALE counselors/specialists

A counselor/specialist will:

  • Be a positive Jewish role model who enjoys being with, and providing guidance to, children.
  • Have a well-developed sense of responsibility with good judgment and common sense because the counselor/specialist has a significant impact on each camper’s summer experience.
  • Be directly responsible for all campers living in the dorms and have day-to-day involvement with each camper as an individual and with the entire group.
  • See that every camper makes friends and becomes acclimated to life at camp, and will help campers develop their passion for science and technology, allowing them to integrate into the total camp community.
  • Specialize in a science and technology area at camp and have a background in some form of science and technology.
  • Assist lead instructors in core workshop areas and lead their own electives, as well as bunk activities and evening programs.
  • Live in the dorms on camper floors and supervise children at all hours of the day including regular nighttime on duty hours.

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