Still looking for: Video Game Design and Environmental Science

A lead instructor will:

  • Be a positive role model who enjoys being with and providing guidance to children.
  • Possess mastery of their respective field in a professional setting and have professional teaching experience in a high school, middle school or elementary school setting (robotics, video game design, digital media production, and environmental science). Qualified applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree or advanced degree along with experience in their respective field.
  • Teach a two-week intensive workshop, providing instruction to a variety of age groups and skill abilities.
  • Teach a shorter version of the workshop as an elective course for other campers.
  • Understand the nature of camp life and have the ability to adjust plans accordingly and maintain a level of flexibility is crucial.
  • Help develop the curriculum in their specific area, which may work prior to the summer.
  • See themselves as members of the greater camp community and participate in activities beyond science and technology teaching responsibilities.

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